Aaliyaan Chaudhary-Fiverr Super Seller and Internet Millionaire

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Aaliyaan Chaudhary

Do you know Aaliyaan Chaudhary? In recent years, freelancing has had an impact on the world. Everyone wants to earn millions of dollars, but it is impossible to do so while working. Most people move towards jobs that pay insufficiently to allow them to achieve their goals. Furthermore, when compared to other developing countries, Pakistan’s wage criteria are quite low. During this time, however, Freelancing opened the door to earning money to achieve what they wanted.

Pakistanis also started competing in freelancing job opportunities to achieve their goals. In this article, we will discuss the real motivation in Pakistan, Aaliyaan Chaudhary, who entered this field and won the title of the triple rated seller in a short period, earning millions.

Who is Aaliyaan Chaudhary?

Aaliyaan Chaudhary is a Pakistani citizen who was born in Islamabad. He is a well-known figure throughout Pakistan. He received a bachelor of business administration degree. His parents want him to become a doctor, but he is more interested in BBA honors.

It’s fascinating to learn that he didn’t want to continue his life with a job profession like a typical person who works 9-5 and only earns between $40 and $50k. He then picked up his passion and began working as a freelancer.

Aaliyaan Chaudhary success Journey

He was sitting in a cafe with a friend after leaving study, frustrated and wondering what he should do. His friend said “If you were in the same situation as you are now after graduation and realized later that you wasted five years of your life, you would be doomed because this time of your life makes or breaks your career.”

This was a watershed moment in his life, and he decided to enroll in BBA Honors. He found BBA to be very simple and entered intending to start a side hustle, but instead, he started a blog because he enjoyed writing. That’s how he ended up in the online world.

Since the launch of Fiverr in 2010, people have begun to pay attention to it because it allows anyone to post their service at their price and buyers to purchase it based on their needs.

Aaliyaan also joined Fiverr and offered his services, but he did not receive the order and gave up. In 2013, he gave Fiverr another shot, publishing their first Gig and offering YouTube promotion services. Fortunately, he received the order that day, and a new era in his life began.

“I guess, I started at the right time. It was pretty tough along with studies but a few years of sleepless nights were worth it. I believe it was a great opportunity for me and I availed it at the right time.”

After that day, Aaliyan’s life became a never-ending cycle of orders that continues to this day. Not only did it provide YouTube promotion services, but it gradually expanded to include website design and development, website bug and error fixing, website SEO, and so on.

He did not limit himself to just one skill. Aaliyaan Chaudhary was constantly investing in himself by learning new skills that benefited him. He is now offering a total of 14 services on Fiverr, which includes all of this.

Aaliyaan was asked how he obtained all of these abilities. He responded that all of this learning material is freely available on the internet, particularly on YouTube. I did not purchase any special courses or enroll in any classes. I honed my abilities through practice.

Aaliyaan has a team that works for him, and all he does is check and respond to emails daily. He worked with over 30000 global clients and received 100% positive feedback, which is an amazing achievement.

He was covered by major blogs after tripling his revenue on Fiverr, including Fiverr official blogs, Propakistani, Being Guru and others.

Aaliyaan has also developed over 100 custom themes and plugins. Aaliyaan also runs a brunch of viral blogs as a hobby, which receives over 3 million monthly hits.

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What difficulties did Aaliyaan Chaudhary face in beginning?

It was the point at which the site had not yet dispatched the bundles. He must work 8 to 12 hours per day. Freelancing was their main source of income for him.

Furthermore, Aaliyaan Chaudhary remembered to try the new highlights on occasion. He completed the paperwork for the bundles there. It was also the best option. What happened was that the responsibility was reduced, but the sum was significantly increased.

He now only needs to work 2-3 hours per day, but his profit is three times higher than before.

 “Within a week, I was astonished to discover my income gunfire 3x advanced though my amount of work was condensed from 10 hours per day to fair 2 to 3 hours per day.”

Achievements of Aaliyaan Chaudhary:

Aaliyaan worked tirelessly day and night to achieve the title of the triple top-rated seller on Fiverr in a remarkably short period. It was a great achievement. The list of achievements does not stop here. Aaliyaan was ranked among the top sellers of Fiverr blogs and was among the top 15 highest-paid sellers on Fiverr.

Aaliyaan Chaudhary said to new freelancers:

“Focus on quality rather than quantity. Always over-deliver to attract your buyers to return to you again and again. I’ve never had to promote my Gigs because the high quality of my work makes my clients happy to recommend me to their friends and other businesses with whom they are affiliated.”

Aaliyaan IT Company (Acom IT firm):

Aaliyaan did not leave his position as a Fiverr seller but instead established his own IT firm, Acom. This company’s mission is to provide solutions to web, social media, and app problems. It is not a massive corporation; it currently employs 25 people and expects to expand its workforce.

In addition, he runs “Logical Pakistan,” a social platform for youth and ladies’ authorization. He undoubtedly believes in giving back to the community and inspiring young people to value self-learning and independence. On this platform, he highlights the sun’s social problems in an effective way to raise awareness.

What is the current level of Aaliyaan Chaudhary?

Aaliyaan Chaudhary is currently a Word Press expert, web-based entertainment advertiser and SEO master. Furthermore, at this point, he offers his administration. He has been promoted to Fiverr’s top-tier dealer from Pakistan.

Aaliyaan Chaudhary works as a “super merchant” on the stage Blog. He is also one of the 15 Great Entrepreneur Stories.

What is Aaliyaan Chaudhary advice to young people?

Because of his experience and field knowledge, Aaliyaan has become a well-known personality, and he is known across national borders. As a result, he offers a variety of tips to young people for them to be successful. His first and most consistent piece of advice is to prioritize work quality. It is incredibly important for success. He claims that if you want to be successful, you should not focus on quantity. It will generate a good impact on the client automatically. Then he provides you with honest feedback, which has an immediate impact on Fiverr customer support.

He said:

“If you want to play for a long time, there is no understanding of unexpected phenomena. I would encourage our children to foster a few computerized abilities as the world moves online and to use them optimally. If I can make it happen, then anyone can.”

Furthermore, in another meeting, he says:

“To put it simply, over-distribution and greatness are the keys to success on Fiverr and with Packages.”

There is a lesson for beginners to learn: success does not come only from offering something new. It comes when you stop waiting for miracles to knock on your door and start pursuing the right path.

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