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Can you block someone on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an excellent place to communicate with professionals, both those you already know and those you have yet to meet and to expand your network. When you accept invitations from people you don’t know or don’t want to hear from, things can quickly become awkward. Furthermore, you may tire of certain LinkedIn users and like not to see or receive any content or post from them. When this occurs, blocking becomes a viable option.

I understand it’s unpleasant, but it’s sometimes necessary… It’s useful to know that you can do so easily by visiting the person’s profile.

LinkedIn lets you prevent people from viewing your profile or connecting with you in any way. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for making new business relationships and expanding existing ones. Accepting invitations from people you don’t know or don’t want to interact with can quickly become awkward.

In such cases, you must block the offending user or they will continue to harass you with invitations and messages. When you block someone on LinkedIn, they can no longer connect with you, and you can no longer see their profiles or activities. LinkedIn has a 1400-person limit on who you can ban.

In this article, we will discuss an important topic: Can you block someone on LinkedIn?

Why Do People Get Blocked on LinkedIn?

There are the reasons behind blocking people on LinkedIn?


I’ll explain. If someone bothers you or makes you feel uneasy on any social media platform, you can block them to prevent them from engaging with you. LinkedIn’s status as a “professional” platform has no bearing on this. It is not unprofessional to set this boundary because they are a potential network connection or even a coworker (though if it is a coworker, kindly also go to HR, your supervisor, or a trusted mentor if you are able!).

On LinkedIn, you can block (and, if necessary, report) someone if, for example:

  • They are unprofessional, rude, or overly familiar with you.
  • They post far too frequently for your liking.
  • They share false information.
  • Without your permission, they use their status as your network connection. (For instance, claiming you referred them for a job when you didn’t.)
  • They keep sending you messages, but you’re uninterested.
  • They are attempting to use LinkedIn as a dating service. (Unfortunately, this does occur.)
  • They could be promoting fraud.
  • They or someone connected to them has made you feel uneasy or unsafe on another platform or in real life.
  • They creep you out or make you feel uneasy, even if you’re not sure why.
  • They misuse the platforms
  • They spam your posts and inbox
  • They use a fake profiles on LinkedIn. Their photo, name, job title, and other details do not match. By right-clicking on the image, you can search for their profile photo on Google. You may come across a photograph of another famous person or a photograph used in an advertisement. In both cases, the user makes use of his LinkedIn profile to make connections.
  • They ask users to invest in their dubious business
  • They join you to their newsletter and spam you

On LinkedIn, how do you block someone?

If you’re wondering can you block someone on LinkedIn? The answer is yes and the process is fairly simple. You can block someone using either your computer or a mobile device.

According to LinkedIn, blocking them is as simple as following these steps:

  • Go to their profile.
  • Click “More” next to their name, next to the “Message” button. (If you’re using the LinkedIn App, a three-dot button will appear instead of one that says “More.” The rest of the instructions are the same.)
  • From the resulting menu, select “Report or block”.
  • Select “Block [First Name]” from the resulting pop-up menu.
  • To confirm that you want to block this person, click “Block” once more.

What happens when someone is blocked on LinkedIn?

You won’t be able to access each other’s LinkedIn profiles, see any of the other posts on your newsfeed (unless set to “Public” and shared by someone else), or message each other.

The “Who’s viewed your profile” lists for each of you will be deleted.

You will no longer be connected (if you were previously).

Any recommendations or endorsements you provided will be removed.

You will not be notified of their activities or events.

They will not be recommended to you on other site features (such as “People you may know”).

You will be unable to participate in any audio events in which you are the host or a designated speaker.

Blocking someone on LinkedIn, on the other hand, will not prevent you from seeing each other’s content if a mutual connection shares it.

Prevent the other person from viewing any information, posts, or comments you’ve designated as “public.”

You can change your privacy settings in your account settings or for individual posts if you only want your connections to see them.

Will a blocked person receive notification if I block them?

In general, if you block someone, LinkedIn will not notify them. However, if you share or have previously shared a LinkedIn Recruiter account with the user you blocked, LinkedIn states that they “reserve the right to notify this member of your block.”

Remember that just because LinkedIn does not notify the person does not mean they cannot or will not notice that they can no longer access your profile, send you messages, or view the endorsements and recommendations you’ve given each other.

How Do You Know If Someone On LinkedIn Has Blocked You?

How can you block someone on LinkedIn because LinkedIn does not notify them? There are some signs that you can use to find out whether or not someone has blocked you.

You will be unable to contact them via LinkedIn.

You will not be able to access the information that they have made public.

You’d lose contact with them if you were connected on LinkedIn.

If they have blocked your profile, you will not see them in the section Who’s Seen Your Profile.

How Can You Unblock Someone on LinkedIn?

If you mistakenly blocked someone or want to reconnect with a blocked person, you should unblock them. If you have no idea how to unblock them, try these steps:

Step 1: Open LinkedIn on your device and go to your profile page, then click the Me tab.

Step 2: Select Settings and Privacy, and then Change under the Visibility section, then Blocking.

Step 3: To restore contact with a previously blocked user, click the Unblock button below their name.


How Can I Hide My LinkedIn Profile From Someone?

You must block someone to hide your LinkedIn profile from them. You can stop them using the methods described above.

Will Someone Know If I Block Them on LinkedIn?

No, LinkedIn does not notify users who are blocked, so they will not know if you have blocked someone.

What Can They See When You Block Someone on LinkedIn?

They will not see anything about your profile. All messages, connections, comments, and other information exchanged between you will be hidden from them.

How Do I Block Someone Who Isn’t a Connection on LinkedIn?

Follow these steps to block someone who is not a connection:

  • Go to the person’s LinkedIn profile and select More.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Report/Block, and then click the Block [member name] option that shows up.
  • Now select the Block option.

Is it possible to block an entire company on LinkedIn?

No, LinkedIn does not allow you to block a company. You can, however, unfollow/report the company to stop to see their LinkedIn posts. You can also report a company advertisement to have it removed from your feed.

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