Perfect Tips for First Dates for Ladies in 2023

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If you’re a lady, going on a first date can make you feel nervous and excited all at once. How do you make the perfect first impression? What should you wear, where should you suggest going, and how much should you reveal about yourself? Don’t worry, our comprehensive tips for first dates for ladies will help you.

We’ve compiled a key list of women’s dating advice based on extensive research and real-world experience to guide you in planning and pulling off an amazing first date he’ll never forget. Read on for insider advice on how to confidently approach that crucial first encounter using our expert Tips for First Date for Ladies. With these good tips for dating in hand, you’ll be ready to knock his socks off and make him want to secure date number two before you even part ways.

Expert Tips for First Date for Ladies | Make Your First Date Memorable

Choose the Right Location

1st date tips for women start with finding a perfect location. Your choice of location sets the tone for the entire date, so pick a spot that creates a comfortable vibe conducive to conversation. A loud, crowded bar may not be ideal for getting to know someone new. Instead, consider a quiet coffee shop, laid-back restaurant, or fun activity like mini golf, an art museum, or a farmer’s market. The venue should enable talking but also provide natural breaks.

Some good first-date spots include:

  • Coffee shop or casual café with outdoor seating if the weather is nice
  • Restaurants with moderate noise levels and semi-private booths
  • Bowling alley, mini golf, or arcade
  • Museum, art gallery, or photography exhibit
  • Local park, hiking trail, or botanical garden
  • Farmer’s market or craft fair

Aim for a place aligned with your interests and personality where you’ll feel comfortable. Don’t feel the need to do anything too elaborate or fancy. The priority is choosing a location conducive to chatting and getting to know each other.

Dress to Impress

What you wear on a first date depends on the activity and location. The goal is to look put-together but not overdressed. For a casual coffee date, opt for nice jeans or slacks with a blouse or sweater. For dinner, consider a casual dress or skirt with a dressy top and jacket. Avoid anything too revealing or sloppy. Steer clear of loud prints, distracting accessories, or uncomfortable shoes.

Make sure your clothes are clean, wrinkle-free, and well-fitting. Pay attention to accessories, hair, makeup, and manicured nails. You want to look polished and pretty without seeming like you tried too hard. Your outfit should help you feel confident and fabulous.

Be Punctual

Try to arrive about 5-10 minutes early for the date. This demonstrates respect for your date’s time and eagerness about the meeting. Avoid being late, as that immediately gets things off on the wrong foot. If an unavoidable issue comes up, promptly text or call him with an ETA.

You want to make a positive first impression by being reliable and considerate. Arriving on time or slightly early conveys those desirable qualities. It kickstarts the date on a pleasant note versus feeling rushed or frazzled.

Bring Your Confidence

It’s perfectly normal to feel some first-date nerves. But aim to project poise and positive energy when you meet up. Smile, make eye contact, and offer a warm greeting like “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” This shows you are approachable despite any shyness you may feel.

During the date, focus on active listening, asking questions, and sharing tidbits about yourself. Offer sincere compliments about his manners, appearance, or laugh. Avoid negativity or oversharing. The goal is to radiate self-assurance so you both leave feeling great. Also, read 5 Ways to Feel Confident When You Go on a First Date.

Minimize Phone Time

One of the dating tips from women is to avoid using phones without any need while dating. Phone addiction is a major first-date turn-off. Silence your phone completely and keep it stashed away in your purse or pocket. Limit checking it to occasional quick glances just in case of emergencies. Frequently pulling out your phone signals boredom or disinterest.

Stay engaged in the conversation and person across from you. Maintaining eye contact and giving your date your undivided attention demonstrates your care and interest. Simple courtesies like muting phones go a long way.

Listen More Than Talk

Some people are naturally chatty, while others tend to be more reserved around new people. Make an effort to draw out your date by asking questions and displaying sincere interest. Share about yourself too, but avoid dominating the conversation.

Attentive listening shows you are thoughtful and kind. People feel more connected through genuine back-and-forth dialogue, not just talking at one another. Stay aware of allowing natural lulls and pauses so the give-and-take flows smoothly.

Avoid Awkward Silences

A few moments of silence on a first date are totally normal as you gather thoughts or transition between topics. But extended uncomfortable lulls can heighten anxiety. If you sense one developing, restart the conversation with follow-up questions or observations.

Having a few anecdotes or talking points in mind can help prevent stalling. Smoothly guide the dialogue by asking light questions about travel, food, entertainment, or other interests you may share. This demonstrates care and consideration.

Steer Clear of Exes

It’s best to avoid mentioning exes or past relationships on a first date. The focus should remain squarely on getting to know this new person in front of you and your potential future together. If directly asked, politely state you prefer to live in and focus on the present moment.

The only exception is if you are newly divorced or have kids, which reasonably need a brief explanation. But don’t belabor or complain about your ex – keep things upbeat. The first date is about possibilities, not problematic histories.

Flirt Tastefully

A bit of light, tasteful flirting goes a long way on a first date. Gently tease or banter with him. Smile and hold eye contact. Laugh at his jokes. Share sincere compliments about his smile, style, or charm. Avoid crossing into constant flattery or saying anything too sexually suggestive just yet.

Let your body language convey interest too by leaning in slightly when he talks, angling your body toward him, and mirroring his gestures. Occasionally touching his hand, arm, or shoulder is fine while gauging his signals. Flirting creates rapport and tests chemistry.

Go Easy on Alcohol

Having one alcoholic drink on a first date is fine if you want to take the edge off some nerves. But avoid overindulging. Excessive drinking impairs judgment, lowers inhibitions, and leads to sloppy behavior. It also signals using alcohol as a crutch.

Sip your drink slowly and be aware of his comfort level with alcohol. One or two drinks maximum allows your true personality to shine through. Staying reasonably sober makes you less vulnerable to poor choices.

Let Him Pay

Standard first-date etiquette dictates the person who initiated the date plans to cover costs. So if a male date asks you out, let him pay unless he insists otherwise. This comes across as gentlemanly versus cheap.

Graciously let him treat you to a nice time with no expectations attached. Later on, you can take turns planning and paying for dates if you continue seeing each other. Don’t turn it into a power dynamic. Politely allow him to handle the bill.

Take it Slow Physically

A first date is about making introductions and building connections through conversation. Avoid expecting or offering any physical intimacy – no hand-holding, cuddling, kissing, etc. Even if you feel sparks, take it slowly. Let comfort levels develop before escalating physical closeness.

Rushing things physically could derail budding romantic potential. Focus first on getting to know his mind, character, and personality before his body. Prioritize laying the groundwork for a relationship, not hooking up. Patience and respect are key here.

Plan Date #2 Before Parting

If you have fun on the first date, don’t play coy about getting together again. Casually tell your date you had a great time and would love to see him again soon. You can reference a specific idea like dinner at that new French place or an upcoming concert.

This clearly conveys your interest in him beyond just one date. If he seems equally enthused, go ahead and secure plans for date #2 within the next week or so while your initial meeting remains fresh. Capitalize on first-date chemistry and momentum.


Our comprehensive tips for first dates for ladies offer everything you need to master that crucial first date. Choose the right low-key spot, dress to impress, and mind your manners. Focus on active listening, light flirting, and avoiding excessive alcohol intake or physical contact too soon. Let him offer to pay, then secure your next date before parting ways. Now you can approach your next first date with confidence using our insider tips to make an amazing first impression. He’ll be clamoring for the chance to see his fabulous, charming dream girl again very soon. Just follow our womens dating advice, and you’ll be well on your way to dating success!

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