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Extreme Commerce vbc is Pakistan’s first EdTech startup, to establish Pakistan as a global e-commerce powerhouse. The company was founded in 2017, and it currently has the largest community of its kind, with over 600,000 members and 100+ courses and income streams to choose from.  The E-commerce Company believes that Pakistan deserves every opportunity, both domestic and international, to establish itself as an international e-commerce hub.

Extreme Commerce’s goal is to enable 100,000 people to generate $1 billion in the service sector and e-commerce exports each year. Over 120,000 people currently use the massive commerce company’s Video Boot Camp (VBC), an online learning platform with more than 50 skill-development and training courses.  VBC is free to all underprivileged members of society as well as college and university students in Pakistan.

Extreme Commerce’s founder, Sunny Ali, has 24 years of experience growing businesses from the ground up. He is a motivational speaker for some, a mentor for others, and a global marketplace expert in building and growing online businesses. Sunny Ali was the first to introduce international e-commerce to Pakistan.Sunny Ali personally invested $3 million in Extreme Commerce to help people learn how to build wealth through business automation through Amazon FBA and acquiring digital skills that are in high demand globally. This will help break the cycle of “Kitchen money” and employee mindset in our society.

Extreme Commerce vbc: Is it a Scam?

Extreme Commerce has announced that it will provide VBC to the underprivileged for free, by founder Ali’s vision. Furthermore, it will provide free VBC to all university students in Pakistan. Extreme Commerce is a leading provider of e-commerce managed services. They are a group of business growth experts who have assisted over 200 brands since their inception in 2017.

The team offers simple, one-stop strategic solutions tailored to individual brands. Furthermore, they collaborate very closely with their clients to understand their unique needs and objectives. They also create tailored plans to help them succeed. They have a proven track record of supporting brands in increasing online sales and understanding their full potential.

VBC is a global collection of more than 100 e-commerce and digital money-making skills. VBC covers a wide range of skills that allow you to earn money by serving customers all over the world and building your own $1,000+ per month Amazon business. Extreme Commerce’s core ideology is to empower people to break the cycle of poverty. Without a doubt, this can only be accomplished through skill development and education.

Every year, Ali contributes to the costs of VBC for thousands of poor individuals in society. This is due to their belief that everyone has a right to an education and the chance to earn more money.

How exactly can you get access to VBC?

VBC is a global network of over 100 E-Commerce and digital money-making capabilities. VBC includes a wide range of capabilities that will enable you to earn money by providing services to clients all over the world and starting your own Amazon business, which will give you a monthly salary of at least $1,000.

If you represent any university, school, or college, you can get free access and provide it to hundreds of your students. You have a 50% chance of making money online after completing VBC if you have a high IQ and are a quick learner.

Sunny Ali and other Pakistani experts are providing free online courses on a variety of online earning platforms. You have the opportunity to learn new skills from Pakistan’s best teachers and boost your productivity. The important part is that you will be able to master these skills in Urdu. These free video boot camps are designed to help you improve your skills so you can make more money. Take charge of your destiny, improve your learning abilities, and master soft skills.

Extreme Commerce Courses

  • Amazon FBA Private Label
  • Virtual Assistant (VA) / FFL
  • Amazon FBA Micro-Private Label
  • Amazon ID, Taxation, Suspension & Reinstate
  • PPC Fundamentals
  • Advance PPC Master Series
  • Amazon FBA Wholesale
  • Amazon Kindle
  • How To Ungate Categories On Amazon
  • Brand Building on Daraz
  • eBay Australia & UK
  • Crypto Currency Investment

What is the Mission of extreme Commerce?

They have a straightforward, dual mission. First, by providing people with the necessary training and skills, they will increase the service sector and e-commerce exports by $1 billion annually by 2025. Second, to establish Pakistan as a major hub for global e-commerce. They want Pakistan to become a fully digital economy and for everyone to associate “extreme commerce” with “e-commerce.”

Extreme Commerce begins business in Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne, London, Birmingham, Dubai, Jubail, Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Madina. They have proven that they can swim against the current, think the unthinkable, and accomplish the impossible. When Sunny Ali founded Extreme Commerce in 2017, it faced fierce opposition, criticism, and resistance, but they developed this EdTech arm of e-commerce and built an Amazon-based system.

E-commerce was successful in changing the country’s perception of starting a business. The company is revolutionizing Pakistani business and paving the way for others. They have expanded their platform with several international e-commerce and digital skills development opportunities.

Enrol today to begin a new adventure. Begin working part-time in these skills until you can switch jobs and run an online platform full-time. Our goal is to motivate you to study more and work more efficiently.

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