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Freelancing has become a profession in Pakistan, with many people taking it seriously. Freelancing success necessitates hard work and dedication. Few people achieve success in their lives as a result of their hard work. Achieving success is wonderful, but maintaining it and giving back to society is what distinguishes a worthy individual. Hisham Sarwar is a well-known and respected figure in the freelance industry.

This article will tell you about Hisham Sarwar and how he became an internet millionaire. He is an inspiration for freelancers who want to be successful in their careers; if you are one of them, read Hisham Sarwar’s success story. So let’s begin with the basics.

Introduction of Hisham Sarwar

Hisham Sarwar is a freelancer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor based in Rawalpindi who has been involved in freelancing for over two decades. Hisham sarwar is a well-known figure in Pakistan, particularly in the freelance industry, and freelancers regard him as a freelancing guru. He began freelancing when there was no such thing in Pakistan. He had a childhood passion for sketching, which led him to freelance.

Hisham Sarwar is a business and administration graduate. He was an average student in his childhood, He wrote in his book Seekhana Seekho that “studying till 12th standard was like a nightmare for me”.

Hisham’s goal is to reshape every Pakistani’s life through a series of training and to show them that they can change their lives. On their YouTube channel, he offers free training to freelancers. He also directed a freelancing course at DigiSkills, where he gave freelancers freelancing tips and tricks.

He recently began visiting universities to give lectures on youth empowerment, and large crowds have gathered to hear him.

Journey of Hisham Sarwar

Hisham’s journey began while he was studying. He had no interest in studies and thus received average grades in his exams. Hisham loved to draw since he was a child, which is why he enrolled in arts after high school. He continued to sketch in addition to his studies. His father also gave him a tablet to use for artwork and design. He discovered that he could transfer the artwork and designs he created to the computer after learning about the graphical interface of Windows. He was extremely happy and continued to edit his sketches by transferring them to the computer.

Hisham went to a bookstore with a friend one day and saw a poster with a picture of Bill Gates; his friend told him that this is the man who created a computer operating system. The poster told Bill Gates’ life story and how he created Windows. After reading Bill Gates’ story, he realizes that money can also be made from computers, which led him to look for ways to make money online.

His friend informed him of a freelance marketplace where he could earn money by selling graphic design services online. At the time, there were only two freelance marketplaces: Elance and moonlight.

Hisham Sarwar began working at Elance.com but failed, so he moved on to eMoonlighter, which is now known as guru.com. He used to spend time freelancing in addition to studying. Then he began freelancing by creating brochures and used them to pay his MBA final semester fees.

He began working in an overseas company with a monthly salary of 4000 after completing his MBA. Along with his job, he was also freelancing; he used to go to the office in the morning and freelance at night, so he was frequently late for work. He quit after a year and a half and started a new job at a cell phone company.

After three years on the job, Hisham Sarwar and his boss had a heated argument, and he was fired. He decided to quit his 9-to-5 job and take freelancing as a career. Then he told his father that he will now devote his time to freelancing rather than working.

He set up a shop in Rawalpindi’s Tahli Mohri neighborhood for freelancing and began working. Hisham began earning 600 to 700 dollars after months of hard work and occasionally fell asleep in the office due to exhaustion. He completely changed his source of income from a job to freelancing thanks to his hard work and dedication.

Hisham Sarwar continued in his struggle and provided high-quality work to clients, earning him a spot on Guru.com’s list of Top Freelancers. For 11 months, he was the only Pakistani in the Guru.com Hall of Fame. He began freelancing in 2004 and became a millionaire after only 9 years of hard work.

Significant Achievements of Hisham Sarwar

Sarwar has been a remarkable resource for Pakistan’s Freelancing Industry and has been recognized for his achievements.

In 2015, Upwork awarded the “Worldwide Impact Award” on Hisham Sarwar. Which is an extremely esteemed grant given to consultants who fundamentally affect the freelancing business universally.

In 2016, Freelancer.com named him one of the “Top 100 Influencers” in the freelance industry when he was only 28 years old.

In 2017, he awarded the “Rising Star Award” by the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA), which is given to young business people who are having a positive impact on Pakistan’s IT industry as a result of their work and accomplishments.

Hisham Sarwar has also been featured in various reputable publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc, and others for his work in advancing freelancing and the Pakistani startup biological system.

Furthermore, Hisham Sarwar is quite possibly the most powerful figure in Pakistan’s freelancing and startup industries. He has made several commitments to improve both of these businesses in Pakistan.

And is undoubtedly a model for aspiring Pakistani business visionaries and consultants. The Pakistani freelance industry has seen massive growth recently. And Hisham Sarwar has been a vocal supporter of this development. But we must not forget Aaliyaan Chaudhary, who worked tirelessly day and night to become the triple top-rated seller on Fiverr in a remarkably short period of time and is also a role model for aspiring Pakistani entrepreneurs.

Hisham Sarwar’s Significant Contributions to Freelance Industry

The following are a few significant commitments of Hisham Sarwar that demonstrated great potential for Pakistan’s Freelance Industry.

  • Establish the first dedicated association for Pakistani specialists, such as the Pakistani Freelancers Association (PFA), in 2013.
  • He has also been involved in spreading awareness about outsourcing and its benefits in Pakistan through various mediums such as studios, courses, articles, online entertainment, and so on.
  • As a coach, financial backer, and event coordinator, he has consistently contributed to the advancement of Pakistan’s startup biological system.
  • His endeavors help to improve freelance skills in demand in carrying global clients and work potential open doors to Pakistani freelancers.
  • While filling in as a specialist himself, he has likewise been figuring out how to get clients from one side of the planet to the other and has dealt with a few extremely huge ventures. At present, Hisham Sarwar is filling in as the President of the Pakistani Freelancers Association (PFA).

Income Source of Hisham Sarwar

Hisham Sarwar made a million dollars by freelancing. He is a social media celebrity and business owner. He currently owns three businesses. One example is Konbola, a startup that sends out distress notifications to people in trouble. Another is Trudrops, a startup that connects hospitals and blood donors.

Hisham is a humanitarian as well as an entrepreneur. He has initiated numerous programs to empower youth. In 2017, he received the Pakistan Software House Association’s Rising Star Award.

Hisham also teaches young people how to make money online through seminars. He has assisted several businesses in developing business plans.

Hisham’s most recent venture is a Pakistani educational institute. It seeks to improve the lives of children from low-income families.

He has also written a few books. “Seekhna Seekho: 10 Principles of Success,” for example, tells the story of how he became a millionaire. This is a best-selling book.

Over the last few years, most people have been able to increase their monthly income through outsourcing. However, not everyone has been fortunate enough to achieve success in the field. Some of the benefits of freelancing include flexibility and the opportunity to earn a fair wage.

Foundation of Hisham Sarwar for Students and New Comers

Hisham Sarwar has been working on various stages for understudies and newbie’s who want to start freelancing. He has directed studios and workshops in a variety of educational organizations. So that understudies can take advantage of the opportunities presented by freelancing.

Moreover, he has likewise composed a book named “The Freelancer’s Bible”. This is useful for students and new freelancers who want to start their freelancing careers.

This book covers topics such as finding clients, promoting your services, getting paid, and so on.

YouTube Channel of Hisham Sarwar

Hisham Sarwar has also started a YouTube channel where he gives advice. In addition, freelancers and business visionaries are encourage. In this channel, he discusses topics such as time management, efficiency, promotion, and so on.

Hisham Sarwar’s Podcast

In addition, he has launched “The Freelancing Podcast,” a webcast. In which he meets beneficial consultants and business visionaries from all over the world. They share their accounts and encounters from their excursion to progress during these meetings.

Coaching Programs of Hisham Sarwar

He also offers to teach programs for freelancers and business owners. Who is looking to take their organizations to the next level? Furthermore, these training programs cover topics such as time management, showcasing, efficiency, and so on.




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