How to Become a Choreographer in BitLife

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Aspiring to choreograph dance routines for a living? With passion and persistence, you can make this dream a reality in the popular life simulation game BitLife. Becoming a professional choreographer requires optimal character building, honing your dance skills from childhood, breaking into the industry with entry-level jobs, maximizing income through smart decisions, growing your reputation over time, and more.

Learn how to become a choreographer in BitLife with our comprehensive guide. Follow these steps to achieve your dream career as a choreographer in the popular life simulation game.

What is BitLife?

What is BitLife?

BitLife is a text-based life simulation game developed by Candywriter for iOS and Android devices. The game allows players to live out an entire fictional lifetime from birth to death while making choices that affect their character’s outcomes.

In BitLife, you create a customized character and guide them through major life events like going to school, getting jobs, relationships, starting a family, activities, and more. The choices you make determine your character’s successes, failures, and unique life stories from childhood to old age.

How to Become a Choreographer in BitLife – Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing the Ideal Character Build

The first step is creating a character tailored specifically for a choreography career. During the character creation process, focus on boosting key stats like looks, health, smarts, and creativity. High looks make it easier to land jobs in appearance-driven industries like dance. Good health provides more active years to build your skills. Smarts help you progress quicker early on and open up better job opportunities.

But most importantly, maximize creativity this directly improves your choreography abilities and invention of new routines. If possible, select “dancer” as your special talent for an added boost to relevant skills. Give your character an artistic name like “Starla Twist” or “Preston Pirouette” to get in the choreography mindset.

Developing Dance Skills from Childhood

Once your character is born, devote all efforts towards building your dance skills immediately. As a toddler and child, say yes to every possible opportunity ballet, jazz, tap, competitions, recitals, summer intensives, etc. Even if your character lacks natural talent at first, persistence and practice will improve your abilities over time.

Reaching dance skill level 10 by high school graduation unlocks better job prospects in your teens. If going the academic route, study dance, choreography, or performance in university. Otherwise, jump straight into auditioning for professional dance gigs and productions. Every new job will provide valuable experience for higher-paying roles later on.

Breaking into the Industry in Your 20s

In your early 20s, actively pursue entry-level choreography and dance-related jobs. Seek out instruction gigs, freelance choreography opportunities, and assistant positions with established choreographers. Although pay may start low, these jobs get your foot in the door and help build connections.

As you gain experience, begin auditioning for bigger jobs like music videos, commercials, movies, and theater shows. Befriend directors and producers you work with – these contacts will be key for landing recurrent gigs. Always deliver excellent work on time to build your reputation.

Be patient and keep pushing for better roles annually. By your late 20s or early 30s, lucrative choreography offers should start rolling in. Soon you’ll be the one hiring assistants and delegating routine creation!

Moving Up the Ranks to Lead Choreographer

To move beyond junior roles, keep an eye out for job listings like Choreographer, Senior Choreographer, and Lead Choreographer. As highlighted in BitLife guides, the junior choreographer job unlocks these higher positions. Age up your character and check job listings regularly until one of these roles appears.

Apply to the job listing, pass any required interviews or auditions, and the position is yours! The lead choreographer is the pinnacle role with the highest salary potential and the most creative control.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Follow these essential tips to maximize income as your choreography career takes off:

  • Take on a high volume of jobs yearly, even for low pay at first. This builds skills and connections.
  • Prioritize music video and commercial gigs – they offer big payouts for short-time commitments.
  • Invest in excess income annually. This grows your assets and long-term earnings.
  • Move to major markets like Los Angeles, New York City, and London when established. Bigger cities have more opportunities.
  • Hire an agent to negotiate better rates and score lucrative contracts.
  • Work consistently each year. Avoid long breaks or early retirement.
  • Request royalty deals when negotiating. This provides passive income long-term.

Gaining Recognition as a Master Choreographer

To become an icon in BitLife, focus on boosting your reputation over time with these strategies:

  • Maintain strong relationships with directors, artists, and producers. Collaborate with them frequently.
  • Give thoughtful press interview answers that highlight creativity. Choose options that build fame.
  • Release profitable instructional courses or DVDs when established.
  • Hire PR agents and do promotional work like photo shoots and ads.
  • Avoid turning down too many jobs once famous – this damages your reputation.
  • Continue releasing cutting-edge routines until the very end. Take risks and push boundaries.

With dedication, you can achieve “Living Legend” status as a choreographer in BitLife!


In BitLife, the journey to becoming a choreographer is both rewarding and exciting. With dedication and the right steps, you can transform your virtual character into a skilled choreographer, dancing your way to success. Remember to focus on your education, secure that coveted Jr. Choreographer job, and aim for career advancement to reach the pinnacle of your dance career. BitLife offers endless possibilities, and now that you know how to become a choreographer, it’s time to put on your virtual dancing shoes and start your journey. Happy choreographing in BitLife!


Can you be a famous dancer in BitLife?

Yes, it is possible to become a famous dancer in BitLife! You need to focus on building your dance skills from a young age by practicing all types of dance and taking every opportunity. Audition for dance crews, theater productions, music videos, etc. to gain experience.

How to become famous in BitLife for free?

The main ways to gain fame for free are to maximize your looks, intelligence, and creativity stats. Take modeling jobs, release books/albums once you have writing/music skills, and do commercials and photo shoots. Say yes to all talk shows and interview opportunities. Post constantly on social media when unlocked.

How to become famous in BitLife without God Mode?

Without God Mode, focus on skills and career paths that boost fame like music, writing, acting, modeling, dance, directing, and professional sports. Work hard every year, socialize and date to make connections, and take every promotional opportunity

How to get famous in BitLife through social media?

Once the social media feature unlocks, post frequently and use hashtags related to your career. Swipe to max out your followers and posts. Comment on trending topics and post Stories often. Partner with brands for sponsorships.

How to get popular in BitLife school?

In school, focus on looks, intelligence, creativity, and health. Join clubs like student government, cheerleading, dance, theater, or music. Play sports and instruments. Go to parties and use charm when interacting. Date and be nice to classmates.

How do you become a superstar in BitLife?

To become a superstar in BitLife, pursue fame-boosting careers like musician, actor, director, model, writer, app developer, social media star, or professional athlete. Improve your looks, intelligence, health, happiness, and creativity. Take every promotional opportunity and use social media frequently when unlocked. Develop your skills to maximize your salary. Stay relevant by working each year as you age.

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