How to start freelancing with no experience?

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A guide on how to start freelancing with no experience.

To succeed as a freelancer for computer-related jobs. You do not need a four-year college degree. To sell your services online, all you need is a skill set and the ability to communicate effectively.

Are you ready to dive into freelancing but are worried about your lack of experience? Don’t be concerned; many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses with little or no experience. Anyone will understand how to start freelancing with no experience and find their first client in no time by following a few simple steps.

We’ll discuss how to define your niche, make a website, build your portfolio, and connect with other professionals in your field. Finally, we’ll go over Best Freelance Jobs Require No Experience. So, let’s get started on building a freelance career right away.

Best Freelance Jobs Require No Experience

Fortunately, you can work as a freelancer with or without any previous experience. There are some best freelance jobs that giv you the idea how to start freelancing with no experience:


Choosing this service is ideal if you take the essay and creative writing classes in school. Although most new writers don’t make much money, once you become a pro, you can start charging more.

Social Media Manager:

This is one of the best freelance jobs for people with little or no experience. If you are a regular social media user, you can quickly turn your hobby into cash! Your job is to form and maintain groups. This service pays off handsomely, especially when large corporations use it.


Even if you have no any experience, you can work as a transcriptionist. Working with clients by accurately transcribing what they say requires only a computer. This service may not pay well, but you will gain valuable experience from clients.

Customer Service:

Such services are often needed on freelance sites, especially by businesses selling a wide range of products. Small businesses and bloggers are also on the lookout for customer service representatives to handle their emails. If you have access to a laptop and have an excellent ability to communicate, this customer service representative place is a good place to start.

Virtual Assistant:

Clients’ instructions must be followed by a virtual assistant. This job requires no skill or experience and is ideal for newcomers. It necessitates that you email clients, schedule meetings, create social media posts, and send invoices, and so on. The majority of virtual assistants earn $50 or more per hour.

Online consultant:

If you have excellent communication skills and are not easily angry this freelancing position is ideal for you. It is simple, requires no special skills and pays well.


You’ve probably heard of blogging because it’s a well-known job. That’s because learning how to start a blog and scale it over time allows you to become a blogger with no experience. It includes creating and promoting a blog, as well as writing follow-up texts. As a blogger or freelancer, an ex-writer, online marketer, or photographer can be hired. The more you do, the better you get and the more money you make.

Appointment Setting:

The job of an appointment setter is to schedule meetings between prospective clients and sales representatives. You are responsible for scheduling important meetings for the sales team. This is one of the best freelance jobs that are frequently in demand. Even without any experience, it is very simple to catch up. All you need is a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Web Research:

It is your responsibility to conduct research on a variety of topics related to the organizations for which you work, such as compiling data and information and delivering clear and concise presentations to clients.  This job does not require much experience. Web researchers are extremely popular and profitable.

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How to start freelancing with no experience?

If you want to get started freelancing, you’ll need to make yourself marketable. Here are some things you can do to differentiate yourself, sell yourself to clients, find work and learn how to start freelancing with no experience.

Find a Marketable Skill and Research Your Selected Sector

You’re excited and eager to begin your freelance career. However, no matter how motivated you are, you must understand the potential of the field you have selected.

Is it a competitive market with plenty of other freelancers competing for the same job? Do companies hire freelancers in your field, or do they prefer to hire employees? What is the average hourly salary, and will it be enough for you?

Understanding your industry’s growth rate will help you decide how to start freelancing with no experience and who to contact and where to direct your freelance job search.

Create a Website

You need to create a well-designed website, clearly describes what you do, and makes it simple for visitors to find the information they require.

 A simple website with an obvious conversion path will always win.

A website for your new freelance business will give you a place to display your work portfolio and make it easier for clients to find you. It can offer a quick and simple way to present information about yourself, the kinds of projects you’re interested in taking on, your rates, and your contact details.

A website can be made without being a web developer. It’s simple to select a template and get going on many platforms, including Squarespace and Wix.

Create a Portfolio        

A portfolio is an essential component of any freelancer’s success. It displays your work samples, highlights your accomplishments and achievements, and fosters trust with potential clients. The best way for showing your skills as a freelancer is to show examples of previous projects or work. Include links to your websites or other digital products, screenshots of your designs, articles you’ve written, and so on. This will give prospective clients an idea of what they can expect from you.

Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself, even if you’re shy about discussing your accomplishments. Display any awards or certifications that demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Include references from satisfied customers who were happy with the outcome of their project with you, if possible. This will show potential clients that others have been satisfied with your services in the past and will encourage them to hire you for their own project needs.

Furthermore, ask previous employers or clients if they would be willing to provide a testimonial for your portfolio page based on their previous experience working with you. These can help you build trust with new clients who are looking for someone dependable for their project needs. Finally, remember to thank those who provide these testimonials, as it may lead to future collaborations.

Creating a portfolio is a necessary step in establishing a successful freelance career. Now that you have the tools to showcase your work, it’s time to network and build relationships with potential clients and other experts in your field.

Build Your Network of Professionals and Other Freelancers

Networking is an important aspect of freelancing, especially for those who are just getting started. It’s an excellent way to get your name out there and find potential clients.

To network effectively, consider attending industry or niche areas of expertise-related events and conferences first. This will allow you to meet other professionals in your field and develop relationships with them, which may lead to future collaborations or referrals.

If you’re nervous or shy about meeting potential clients at events, you’re not alone. Many of us have similar concerns. We might even be scared. However, there are ways to deal with your anxiety.

For example, you can prepare by researching the venue and event schedule ahead of time. We also recommend creating a 20- to 30-second elevator speech that describes who you are and how your freelancing business helps others.

Next, join professional organizations and associations related to your line of work or interests so that you can network with more potential clients. These organizations offer valuable resources such as job postings, opportunities for networking, and mentorship programs that can help you in your professional development. Furthermore, they frequently host webinars or workshops on topics of interest to freelancers. By attending these events, you can keep up with the latest industry trends.

Finally, don’t ignore social media. When it comes to establishing connections within the freelance community, connecting with people who have similar goals to you is essential. Follow influencers in your field of expertise to stay up to date on industry news while also drawing inspiration from their success stories. You might even end up working with them in the future.

Finally, networking with other freelancers and professionals in your field can help you learn new skills, find potential clients, and grow your business. Now that you’ve made contacts, it’s time to start reaching out to potential clients directly.

Know Where to Search

Finding freelance jobs can go three ways: you contact a potential client directly to offer your services, a client reaches out to you to request your services, or you use a job board to find open listings.

Using a job board to find freelance work is where things can get dicey. Job scams abound in this field. With the majority of freelance jobs being done remotely, the risk of being scammed is high.

Always be Online/Active

When bidding or applying for a job online, make an effort to stay online and active for a minimum of 14 hours. Clients believe that active freelancers work hard. As a result, by remaining active on the site, you may be hired. Following this guide, you can also use time-tracking apps.

Explore, Research and Think out of the box

Continue to explore, research, and make the most of your industry experience in your area of specification. The more you know, the better the results will be. This allows you to be hired again and again.

Secrets tips for becoming a successful freelancer

The following are some tips for how to start freelancing with no experience:

Never, Ever Miss a Deadline:

It is difficult for a new freelancer to think how long a job will take to complete. Losing the deadline means eventually losing the client, so focus on meeting deadlines and being flexible about the time required to complete the project. It is even better to block off time on your calendar for your freelance routine.


The most common mistake that most freelancers make is to undervalue communication. Communicating with clients is important because it clears up any confusion about things that you do not understand. It is similar to a secret key for your online business relationship. It is preferable to deliver something that is not at all required if you fully understand what the client is looking for before beginning a project.

Follow up with clients:

It may appear difficult, but a new freelancer needs to establish a solid client base on an outsourcing website. It is always a good idea to keep your clients informed about the services you provide via email. In this manner, they will be aware that you are available for work and may even recommend you to other clients. By using this simple technique, you can increase your client base by up to 80%.

Diversify Your Skill Base:

Starting with one or two skills is fine, but you should not rely solely on what you know. It is preferable if you broaden your skill set and learn the most in-demand techniques. By diversifying your skills, you will benefit from more than one earnings generator.

Do not say “Yes” to everything:

Don’t do the work you dislike.

Freelancing is a ship that sails on motor fuel; if you are not motivated, you will not be able to go any further. Saying “yes” to everything can cause you to lose motivation, resulting in a negative rating and poor client feedback. So, always do what you enjoy so that you can stay motivated at work.

It’s better to enter the freelance world with your eyes wide open and avoid mistakes so you can hit the ground running!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start Freelancing On Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the world’s most popular freelance marketplaces. On Fiverr, there are millions of freelancers who offer various types of services as gigs starting at $5. It’s very simple to get started on Fiverr, but because the platform is so popular, it’s difficult to get orders from clients. I frequently advise freelancers to avoid using such platforms.

What Are Easy Freelancing Jobs?

Data entry jobs, transcription jobs, and translation jobs are all simple freelance jobs. But remember that “easy come, easy go.” Those simple jobs will not last long. If you want to make a living as a freelancer, you must work hard to improve your skills.

What Is Mean by Local Freelancing?

You don’t always need to sign up for an online freelance marketplace to find work as a freelancer. You can also work for local companies. Freelancing includes everything from designing a website for a local shop to designing a logo. There are numerous job boards where you can find local freelance work. You can also go old-school and cold-call for jobs.

What Are the Best Freelancing Websites?

Freelancing with no experience can be done on that websites work similarly to marketplaces, where you can find clients and land jobs. You can create a profile on a freelancing website, such as UpWork or PeoplePerHour, and apply for jobs posted by clients. These websites frequently have a high level of competition and charge high platform fees. While such marketplaces are useful for beginners, I often advise freelancers to avoid them.

Which Skills Are In Demand For Freelancing?

Finding the right skill that is in high demand is important for freelancing success. Every year, new trends come out in the world of freelancing, causing the demand for specific skills to varying over time. For some years, coding skills are in high demand, while video editors are in high demand.

Is Freelancing Better Than A Job?

Freelancing with no experience, like any other day job, has advantages and disadvantages. It undoubtedly has many advantages over a typical office job. So, yes, freelancing can be preferable to a regular job. However, this depends mostly on your personality type.

Why Freelancing Is Hard?

Working as a freelancer is not easy. You must work hard and be identified to succeed as a freelancer. More importantly, gaining experience and developing skills takes time. Find a mentor and improve your skills by taking classes and reading books to make this process easier.

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