TikTok's Latest Self-Care Trend is the 4-Hour 'Everything Shower'


Videos Gain Millions of Views on #ShowerTok


The #ShowerTok hashtag has amassed over 6 billion views, with users going viral for posting detailed routines. One video explaining the trend to a puzzled boyfriend gained 9 million views.

Fans Claim It's Self-Care, Critics Say It's Excessive


Advocates say Everything Showers are stress-reducing self-care. Critics argue the hours-long practice is indulgent and obsessive. The trend follows "Reset Routines" and "Bathscaping."

Baths Remain Aspirational for Most Young Renters


With few young people having bathtubs at home, ShowerTok allows them to create a spa experience. The shower was once perfunctory but is now "self-care" driven by Gen Z behavior.

Shower Products Become Highly Stylized


Shower tablets have replaced bath bombs. Highly stylized images of bath accessories now trend online. Experts say Gen Z has infiltrated how everyone thinks about hygiene.