45+ Hilarious Wedding Advice and Wishes for the Bride and Groom in 2023

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45+ Hilarious Wedding Advice and Wishes for the Bride and Groom in 2023

A wedding marks the beautiful union of two souls, the start of an exciting new chapter. It’s an occasion to celebrate love along with laughter and joy. As you embark on your journey as newlyweds, let humor be your guiding light!

To help you sprinkle fun throughout your special day, we’ve compiled 45+ amusing wedding advice and wishes for laughs aplenty. These whimsical words of wisdom will not only tickle your funny bone but also make your big day truly memorable. Get ready to kick off your lives together on a humorous note!

15 Funny Marriage Tips for the Bride and Groom

Relationship Advice

  1. Compromise is key “Yes dear” is usually the right answer!
  2. Never stop dating each other – set aside time for romance.
  3. Give your partner space – avoid smothering each other.
  4. Share the remote cheerfully – take turns picking shows.
  5. Divide household tasks fairly – prevent resentment.
  6. Say “I love you” and “I’m sorry” freely.
  7. Invest in reliable Wi-Fi – a happy spouse means happy browsing!
  8. Make intimacy a priority – connect amidst busy lives.
  9. Pursue individual interests – avoid codependence.
  10. Fight fair – criticize actions, not your partner’s character.
  11. Approach marriage like a deck of cards – hope for hearts instead of spades!
  12. Keep the spark alive – change smoke detector batteries regularly.
  13. Let the small stuff go – sweat the big stuff.
  14. When you’re wrong, admit it sincerely – don’t give hollow apologies.
  15. Laugh together every day – humor heals.

Wedding Day Tips

  1. Enjoy yourself – don’t obsess over perfection.
  2. Expect some hiccups – and laugh them off.
  3. Avoid drunken disasters – know your champagne limits!
  4. Take a deep breath – remain calm if anything goes wrong.
  5. Focus on your love – not wedding stress.
  6. Embrace the chaos – imperfections make the memories.
  7. Let your groom feel helpful – even if he’s clueless.
  8. Involve your mom – avoid hurting her feelings.
  9. Don’t micromanage your groom – let him enjoy the day too.
  10. Prepare a vows pep talk in case he gets cold feet.
  11. Expect emotions to hit him during vows – and happy tears are allowed!
  12. Relax if your reserved groom suddenly gushes feelings at the altar.
  13. Reassure anxious brides – wedding jitters are normal.
  14. Remember what matters most – you’re marrying your soulmate!
  15. Don’t stress over wedding perfection – focus on your love.

15 Amusing Wedding Wishes for Newlyweds

  1. Here’s to lifelong love, laughter, and fairy tale endings!
  2. May your affection outshine even the sparkliest ring.
  3. Wishing you an adventure as epic as any blockbuster movie!
  4. Congrats on finding your perfect match – so glad you swiped right!
  5. May your wedding tunes become the soundtrack to your lives.
  6. Here’s to cuddles, laughter, and endless snacks for those midnight cravings!
  7. Sending you positive vibes for a long and happy hangry-free marriage!
  8. Here’s to growing together through life’s ups and downs – love conquers all!
  9. May your love story be more passionate than your first dance!
  10. Wishing you a lifetime of laughter to brighten even the rainiest days.
  11. May your hearts reflect your wedding smiles forever.
  12. Here’s to a romance as timeless as your vows.
  13. Congrats on finding the yin to your yang – here’s to seamless teamwork!
  14. Here’s to two A+ partners ready to ace the ultimate test: marriage!
  15. May you look back on photos with fondness when you’re old and gray.

15 Funny Old-Fashioned Tips with a Modern Twist

  1. “Happy wife means happy life” – keep her chocolate drawer stocked!
  2. Back then couples shared a toothbrush – thank goodness for two sinks!
  3. Now love letters are sweet texts and funny memes – keep the digital romance alive!
  4. Vintage advice insisted that girls don’t ask boys out – thankfully dating is more equal now!
  5. Antiquated advice said “Children should be seen and not heard” – now they’re the stars of social media!
  6. Old fashioned courtship meant asking the parents for approval first – today you just need to swipe right!
  7. Tradition said the man should pursue the woman – but today either can make the first move!
  8. Outdated advice was “Husbands make the rules” – now relationships are equal partnerships.
  9. Vintage tips said “Boys don’t cry” – grooms can and should shed happy tears!
  10. Romance isn’t dead, it just looks different – Netflix and takeout make date nights.
  11. Back then chivalry meant opening doors – still wins points with modern ladies!
  12. The old motto was “First comes marriage, then baby” – enjoy newlywed life first!
  13. They used to say that “Women belong at home” – now they can conquer the world while men do chores!
  14. Antique advice was to marry your high school sweetheart – today you hopefully upgrade to someone perfect for you!
  15. Old-fashioned advice was to marry for financial stability – now marry for love!

Heartfelt Conclusion

The start of your lives together is so exciting! This list of 45+ funny wedding advice and wishes was our way of making sure your special day overflows with smiles, laughter, and love.

As you embark on your marriage adventure in 2023, remember the power of humor. Let it help you celebrate the good times, weather the challenges, and cherish each precious moment along the way. Though there will be ups and downs, a shared sense of humor makes any obstacle easier to overcome.

We hope these amusing words of wisdom remind you to embrace joy and laughter as the secret ingredients for a fulfilling life together. Here’s to spreading cheer not just on your wedding day, but every single day your love story continues!

Congratulations to the bride and groom! Get ready for endless love, nonstop laughter, and your very own happily ever after.

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